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  • Apollo Theater 
    International Classical Music Festival of Cyclades
    Apollon Theater, 9th-17th August 2014, Syros, Greece
Welcome to the International Classical Music Festival of Cyclades

Oh, thou, in Hellas deemed of heavenly birth,
Muse, formed or fabled at the minstrel's will!
Since shamed full oft by later lyres on earth,
Mine dares not call thee from thy sacred hill:
Yet there I've wandered by thy vaunted rill;
Yes! sighed o'er Delphi's long-deserted shrine
Where, save that feeble fountain, all is still;
Nor mote my shell awake the weary Nine
To grace so plain a tale--this lowly lay of mine.


CRISIS in the Greek language contains a dual meaning: It constitutes an emergency or a catastrophe. This is how nowadays the world perceives this primordial word. Yet, “crisis” stands for the informed choice, a JUDGEMENT, and decision as well. The latter, rigorous but positively liberating ancient meaning is how the founders of the International Classical Music Festival of Cyclades interpret the term.

Therefore, we are deciding that a fresh classical music festival can flourish in the midst of the worst financial devastation Greece has experienced in decades.

People still decide that the combination of the blue of the Cyclades Archipelago, the spirituality of the Greek light and the world’s supreme music, have a healing power for their souls.

Yannos Margaziotis, Artistic Director of the International Music Festival of Cyclades

Using his crisis, YANNOS MARGAZIOTIS, the Festival’s artistic director, secured, for the ninth year, the performance of some of the world's finest musicians and two of the most established Greek actors for a transcendent cultural creation in Syros.

Using our crisis, we have expanded: With the fresh/new addition of the top experts in classical music, SPECS ‘N’ ARTS, the Organisers of the Festival assure that every traveller in Greece will rejoice this unique cultural experience; that every music lover will become a traveller for this purpose: To appreciate what is truly a veritable musical experience under the eternal Greek sun.

Using their crisis, intelligent donors and supporters, discovered the smartest way of investing in culture, investing in a quality Festival and acquiring the broadest Media publicity possible.

Fotis A. Karayannopoulos
George V. Foufopoulos
Kostas G. Fotopoulos
Yannos K. Margaziotis

Artistic Director
Yannos K. Margaziotis


Με την υποστήριξη του Δήμου Σύρου - Ερμούπολης
Του Οργανισμού Πολιτισμού και Άθλησης Σύρου

Media, Communication and Production: specs 'n' arts

International Music Festival of Cyclades on Facebook

Apollo Theater

The festival is being housed at the unique "Apollo" theater in Hermoupolis and realized under the auspices of the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Hermoupolis,the capital city of Syros.

MiN - Kvintett

MiN - Kvintett

Quality, diversity and consistency contribute to MiNensemble´s concerts and performances to be memorable, unique and thrilling, and has during the years of the ensemble´s existence built up a core fan-base as well as recruiting new audiences.

Lazar Miletic

Lazar Miletic

Lazar Miletic is artistic leader for MiN ensemble since 2016. He is often called one of the most promising young violist today. He won more than 30 prizes on competitions. Lazar is often playing as a soloist with many orchestras abroad, attending many festivals, and is chairman of a string competition in Serbia.

Ars longa, vita brevis

Apollo Theatre of Hermoupolis

In August 2014 the ICMFC celebrated its 10th anniversary and the 150 years from the inauguration of Apollo Theatre of Hermoupolis, with a saying by Hippocrates of Cos (460 – c. 370 BC), an ancient Greekphysician of the Age of Pericles (Classical Greece), "Ars longa, vita brevis", an expression that perfectly describes what has been achieved in the festival's first decade.